Terms and Conditions

The Letting Centre forms and agreements may be produced by the Licence Holder in unlimited quantities at the specified business address for the period of the licence, subject to the terms and conditions below.  Due to changes in legislation and related regulations, our forms and agreements are subject to regular review and the licence holder is also entitled to all revisions during the licence period.

Extensive research goes into the preparation and revision of the Letting Centre forms in order to provide the most effective guidance documents and tenancy forms for landlords and letting agents.  Before you use them, please read through any accompanying drafting notes which have been prepared with the assistance of our specialists, and the brief information below.

RESALE.  It is a condition of this licence that the document(s) may be used only for purposes of the letting business of the licence holder and are not suitable for online business models.  The document(s) may not be resold or distributed on a similar commercial basis for any other purpose.      

COPYRIGHT.  You are granted a licence to reproduce the specified documents at the designated business premises or office as required.  However, in order to protect our copyright, we request that our copyright notice is always clearly displayed on any reproduction of the documents (whether they are reproduced as a whole or in part). No Professional Series agreements or any part of these forms or agreements should be published on any internet site or similar media without prior written agreement from The Letting Centre.

The general terms and conditions of sale below apply to The Letting Centre Ltd hereinafter known as the Letting Centre.

1. DEFINITIONS.  Certain Letting Centre agreements, forms and other documents prepared by ourselves may be provided to the customer under an annual subscription licence. This licence agreement refers to licensing of the Letting Centre documents specified to the licence holder.  The Letting Centre warrants that it is the copyright holder of the documents.

2. VARIATION. These terms and conditions which supersede previous conditions, shall apply to the licensing of the documents between the Letting Centre and the customer. The Letting Centre may vary this Agreement at any time or times by way of 28 days written notice to the customer or subscriber. No other variation of these conditions shall be binding upon the Letting Centre unless previously agreed in writing by The Letting Centre.

3. PAYMENT TERMS AND INTEREST. Goods or services are payable in advance unless offered otherwise in writing.  Credit terms will be made available on selected products and our terms in this instance are strictly 30 days.  Any amounts not received in full by the date due will incur interest at the rate of 2% per month accruing daily.

4. SPECIFICATION. Specifications, descriptions and prices for products are given in good faith and current at time of printing.  However, errors may occur in preparation and printing of literature and ongoing development may cause specific features to change.  Orders are thus accepted subject to product availability and current specification.

5. COPYRIGHT. Unless otherwise specified, the documents are the copyright of the Letting Centre. This means that no part or parts of any document may be stored in any retrieval system or reproduced or transmitted in any form by means of electronic, mechanical or reprographic reproduction or recording or otherwise without a current licence agreement or other prior written agreement from the Letting Centre. (see para 6 below).


These documents are made available under the following conditions:

(a) The customer (in this case known as the Licence Holder) is granted a licence to use and reproduce the documents only at the address or premises detailed on the licence (the ‘Registered Office’ ) unless otherwise specified and agreed in writing. 

(b) Gold membership is for private landlord use and is not suitable for any online business models.  

(c) Pro-Gold membership is for letting agent use and the membership price is for a single office and excludes online business models. ‘Single office’ means a letting business operating from a single office location letting up to 400 properties in a single local area.  Businesses with multiple office locations letting more than 400 properties or running internet based letting services will require a bespoke licence and should contact us to discuss an appropriate licence.

(d) Our subscriptions, including Single Pseries Licences, may be used only for purposes of the letting business of the licence holder.  The document(s) may not be resold or distributed on a similar commercial basis for any other purpose or used for online business models.      

(e) The licence is valid until the specified licence renewal date and will automatically renew each year upon payment of the annual licence fee by the Licence Holder.  Where the Licence Fee has not been paid within 3 months of the renewal date the Licence Holder will not be entitled to use and reproduce the documents under the Licence Agreement until the Licence Fee has been paid.  

(f) The Licence Holder may only use the documents within the letting or property management business at the Registered Office of the Licence Holder.

(g) The documents may not be resold individually or in bulk or otherwise used outside the business of the subscriber

(h) The Licence Fee is payable annually in advance at the beginning of each year and may be varied at the discretion of the Letting Centre.

(i) The Licence Holder shall display and include the appropriate copyright notice as supplied with the original documents in any copy or reproduction (whether in whole or in part) of the documents.

(j) This agreement may be terminated by either party giving written notice to the other at least 30 days before the end of the licence period.

(k) The Letting Centre may terminate this agreement forthwith in the event of breach of or failure to comply with any of the terms hereof by the Licence Holder.

(l) For a period up to 36 months from the expiry date of the licence, the Licence Holder agrees to supply the Letting Centre on demand within 7 days, information relating to and copies of agreements and forms currently being used by the Licence Holder.  The use of Letting Centre documents without licence or the failure to provide adequate information in this respect shall render the company or firm liable to pay the full annual licence fee at the current rate.

(m) The Licence Holder is required to notify the Letting Centre if the Licence Holder wishes to discontinue the licence otherwise it will be assumed on reaching the end of the current licence period that the licence is to continue for another annual period.

7. Indemnity. The Customer accepts that any documents or products supplied by the Letting Centre are to be used with adequate prior knowledge of the law of landlord and tenant and indemnifies the Letting Centre against any debts, claims or other liabilities that may occur through their use or misuse.

January 2021