Pro-Gold Plus Membership

Pro-Gold Plus Membership

£230.00 p/a£276.00 inc VAT

Pro-Gold Plus Membership is aimed at letting agents and provides you with access to all agreements and guidance notes including ASTs, General Tenancy Agreement, Residential Company Let, Contractor Terms and Conditions, Deed of Guarantee, Example Agency Agreement, management letters and forms, case law library and the Letting Handbook and Factsheets Online.

The Professional Series tenancy agreements are ideally suited for Agency and Professional Landlord use.  The agreements have been drafted in accordance with the CMA’s Guidance on Unfair Terms and are revised and checked annually by a specialist housing lawyer.  The agreements have also been approved by the major lenders.

Pro-Gold Plus membership is an annual subscription (£276 including VAT per year) providing a licence to reproduce the agreements and forms for one year.  The Professional Series agreements are provided with a copyright licence during the licence period (12 months), an annual update service and comprehensive drafting and guidance notes which include over 50 additional clauses that can be added to the tenancy agreement in individual situations.

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