Letting Handbook and Factsheets (Online)

Letting Handbook and Factsheets (Online)

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The Letting Centre’s Letting Handbook contains everything you need to know about residential tenancies in one practical volume. The Handbook Online is fully indexed and interactive providing linked contents and index pages with a useful search facility to find certain topics.  The online Handbook provides simple and easy navigation with an option to return to contents from any page.  The Handbook is packed with useful information and practical advice including access to letting factsheets, statutory notices and management letters and forms.  The Handbook gives a convenient and authoritative statement of the law as it applies to residential lettings in England.

The Handbook has been compiled with the assistance of our extensive library of statutes, regulations and other technical details that have been assembled through publishing the Journal, and through continual contact with letting agents and landlords trying to solve practical issues with sensible advice.

The Handbook will provide you with:

  • Client confidence – expert knowledge at your fingertips will ensure that the advice you give to your clients is informed and reliable.
  • Peace of mind –  you can rest assured that any changes in legislation affecting property management will be available as part of the annual licence fee.

The Handbook guides practitioners through the various practical and legal aspects of setting up tenancies, day-to-day management issues and the requirements for termination and gaining possession at the end of the tenancy. The Handbook also contains versions of the main statutory forms relating to assured and assured shorthold tenancies under the Housing Act 1988 and a sample assured shorthold tenancy agreement.

A complete set of Letting Factsheets providing concise information on a wide range of legislation and other issues relating to residential letting and property management are also contained within the Handbook.

The Letting Centre aims to update this publication each year, producing updates as legislation and guidance changes. A valid subscription is required to access the Handbook online and any legal updates.