The Letting Centre was established in 1993 as an independent organisation providing support to landlords and businesses involved in residential lettings. The aim was to provide legal and technical information in an open and accessible format, and available to all practitioners within the residential letting industry.  

The Letting Centre published a range of robust letting agreements drafted in a clear and concise style, written in plain English and uniquely, in their time, supported by comprehensive legal guidance and drafting notes – these tenancy agreements later evolved into our range of Professional Series forms. The Letting Centre also founded and published the Letting Update Journal (until 2011), which became one of the leading independent publications supporting the private rented sector (PRS).  We continue to contribute articles to Letting Update and occasionally will submit inputs in response to government consultation documents in connection with the PRS.

Small Beginnings

The founders, Paul and Jane Ives, had roots in residential lettings as landlords in their own right and also in the professional property management field running a small property management agency under the same name (which continues to operate to this day in the Cambridge area).  We subsequently teamed up with two housing lawyers who added their extensive knowledge of housing law to our own hands-on experience. Tony Clark*, a lawyer who previously served as General Secretary of the National Association of Estate Agents, joined our team as a director in the early years. We also enjoyed close links for many years with Training for Professionals – one of the leading providers of letting training and support in the UK, and they continue to act as publisher for Letting Update Journal.  Tracey Cheyne later joined our team as Legal Editor for Letting Handbook, putting to good practice her legal knowledge and training in the field of property law. 


New laws and regulations affecting landlords continue to grow at a fast rate.  The modern residential landlord and professional letting agent has to understand and cope with over 150 different legal statutes and codes of practice and the regulatory environment is continually changing.   Our in-house information system provides us with a substantial library of information related to the PRS.  This includes our own bespoke database comprising several thousand records which tracks all recent legislation and a case law library recording the decisions of the most important housing law cases over the last 50 years. The Letting Centre also maintains an in-house library of information relating to the private rented sector; a collection of reference books on housing and housing law, details of key cases and recent case law, copies of the relevant Acts of Parliament and other statute, and a selection of general and market information including all the back issues of Letting Update Journal all the way back to 1994 when the Letting Update Journal was first published by The Letting Centre. 

All this information is available for the benefit of our Professional Series and Handbook subscribers.


The Letting Centre produces a range of products and publications to support the residential letting community. Current publications include the Letting Handbook, various Professional Packs (addressing specific issues e.g. possession procedures) and a range of Factsheets, and information leaflets on safety and tax issues.