Gas Safety (Installation and Use) (Amendment) and (Amendment No.2) Regulations 1996


The amended Regulations came into force on 1st April 1996, and a second amendment came into force on 31st October 1996.


The Regulations operate under the jurisdiction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and cover many aspects of gas safety. Regulation 35 contains the main provisions that cover the responsibilities of landlords and their agents and this section has been substantially revised. Please see Factsheet 7 for more information.

Key Amendment Provisions:

1) EXCLUDED LEASES. Regulation 35A clarifies the scope of the regulations with regard to long leases. For the purposes of the Regulations, a lease is now defined as:

  1. a) a lease for a term of less than 7 years; (or determinable within 7 years)
  2. b) a tenancy for a periodic term, or
  3. c) any statutory tenancy arising from (a) or (b)

2) EXCLUDED APPLIANCES. The scope of the Regulations with regard to gas appliances owned by the tenant is clarified:

“relevant gas fitting” means-

any gas appliance (other than an appliance which the tenant is entitled to remove from the relevant premises) or any installation pipework installed in any relevant premises; and …

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